The Development of Computer-assisted Language Learning Material for Practising the Skills of Guessing Meaning from Context Clues

By Siriporn Phuakpong.

Published by Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal

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The purposes of this pre-experimental research were to develop the computer-assisted language learning material for practising the skills of guessing meaning from context clues, to meet the 75/75, the effective criterion, to compare the students’ English reading ability before and after using the CALL material, and to investigate the students’ opinions on the use of the CALL material. The subjects of the study were 54 first year undergraduate students of the Faculty of Management Science of Silpakorn University, Petchaburi IT Campus, during the first academic year 2010. The instruments used for this research included: 1) the CALL material for practising guessing meaning from context clues; 2) the tests: the parallel summative tests (the pre-test and the post-test), administered prior to and subsequent to the use of the CALL material; and the formative tests, taken after each lesson; and 3) a 40-item questionnaire used for surveying the subjects’ opinions on the use of the CALL material. The effectiveness index and the percentage of progress score were used to investigate the subjects’ English reading ability before and after the use of the CALL material. The average of seven lesson formative post-test scores was compared with the summative post-test score in order to determine the effectiveness of the developed CALL material. The mean and standard deviation of the questionnaire score were used to measure the students’ opinions on the developed CALL material. The results of this study were as follows: 1) the effectiveness of the CALL material was 78.98/76.67 which exceeds 75/75, the expected criterion: 2) the students’ English reading achievement after the use of the CALL material was significantly at 42.72 per cent of the progress scores which was over 25 per cent of the overall score of the test, the standard criterion; and 3) the CALL material was satisfactory to the students.

Keywords: CALL Material, Guessing Meaning, Context Clues

Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp.73-86. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 872.524KB).

Siriporn Phuakpong

Graduate Student, Language Institute, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand

Mrs. Siriporn Phuakpong attended Panakorn Teacher College, 1978-1980, getting a diploma in teaching English, and attended Sukhothaithammathirat University, 1990-1992, earning a Bachelor of Arts in General Information Science. She also earned a Master of Arts (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from Thammasat University in November 2010. She was a teacher of English at Pakchong Secondary School for 26 years. She has now been working as a teaching assistant teaching English I and II, and responsible for English self-study learning at the Faculty of Mangement Science, Silpakorn University.