Growing a 2R Model in an EFL Context: Integrating Supplementary Online Reading Practice Materials in an EFL Writing Class

By Gloria Shu-Mei Chwo and Chih-Hsin Tsai.

Published by Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal

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Although skilled and unskilled writers’ proofreading performance is often compared, scant attention has been paid to the potential training effect of online reading practice materials in an EFL writing class. This study pioneered proofreading skill training within a 2R program, integrating reading and writing, in an EFL college level composition class in a technology university in central Taiwan. A content-based reading scheme and online reading practice materials were designed to provide extensive reading experience and proofreading recognition skills needed to develop proofreading performance skills for portfolio writing tasks. Targeted vocabulary, proofreading recognition text and question and answer items were presented and practiced via the Author Plus Pro (APP) eLearning program to enhance vocabulary, proofreading and critical thinking skills needed for writing. A total of 43 sophomore college English major students participated in this study. The results show that not only did reading proficiency significantly improve, but also a proofreading training effect was displayed on online proofreading section results though not in correlation with portfolio writing tasks per se. Moreover, although diversity existed in our EFL learners’ learning styles, with visual preference correlating with the pre-test, this effect was eliminated through eLearning. This implies that the role of supplementary online reading practice materials in our 2R model can be instrumental in promoting reading proficiency, proofreading recognition skills, and proofreading performance in portfolio writing tasks, despite diverse learning styles existing among EFL learners.

Keywords: Proofreading Skills, Content-based Reading, Learning Style, Supplementary Online Reading Practice Materials

Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp.137-172. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 9.927MB).

Associate Prof. Gloria Shu-Mei Chwo

Associate Professor, Applied English Department, Hungkuang University, Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan

Gloria graduated from Tunghai University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1990. In 1992, she completed a Master Degree in Instruction and Curriculum from Seattle Pacific University, U.S.A.. She worked at different levels in the education system of Taiwan and the first English teacher to pioneer an advanced English club as an extra curriculum course in Tunghai Elementary school. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Languages and Linguistics at University of Essex in U.K. in 2005. She is now an associate professor at the Dept. of Applied English Language, Hungkuang University in Taiwan. Her research interests include word reading processing, EFL teaching methods, literature circle and eLearning.

Chih-Hsin Tsai

Assistant professor, Department of Applied English at Hungkuang University in Taiwan, Hungkuang University in Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan

Chih-hsin Tsai holds a M.Ed. Degree from Harvard University and has been teaching college English as a Foreign Language courses in Taiwan for 15 years. She is now an assistant professor of the Department of Applied English at Hungkuang University in Taiwan. Her research interests include self-directed English learning, literature-based reading, and discovering ways to help low-motivated students learn English.