Using Cloud Resources for Developing e-Learning Portals

By Nanda Ganesan.

Published by Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal

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This paper presents the survey and selection of cloud resources for the development of an e-learning portal. The portal is composed of three components, namely a website, a collection of multimedia modules, and a computer lab designed to facilitate online access. It was originally designed using dedicated web development software and hosted on a web server located on campus. The portal was later redesigned and ported to the cloud to take advantage of emerging cloud computing resources such as Google Apps, SkyDrive, and YouTube. It is now possible to easily and affordably develop an e-learning portal using cloud resources that can effectively integrate the three major components of the portal mentioned. In this respect, the relative merits of using different cloud resources are presented along with the rationale for choosing one or more resources for building and hosting the components of the e-learning model. A discussion is included on the best practices for the development of each of the components. Overall, the paper highlights the availability and affordability of a range of cloud resources for individual instructors to embark on the development of e-learning portals, implying that it is no longer necessary to rely exclusively on computing resources provided locally on a campus to build effective e-learning portals.

Keywords: e-Learning, Cloud Computing, Multimedia, Remote Access Labs, Instructional Websites

Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp.33-50. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 914.692KB).

Prof. Nanda Ganesan

Professor of Information Systems, Department of Information Systems, California State University, Los Angeles, USA

Nanda Ganesan is a professor of information systems at California State University at Los Angeles. He was a prior Chair of the Department as well. Dr. Ganesan has worked and conducted research in several countries including USA, Australia, England, Singapore, Iran, Sri Lanka, and Japan. Dr. Ganesan’s teaching interests are in Computer Networking and Communications; Web Hosting; and Hardware and Software Concepts. His current focus is on the design and implementation of course websites and the integration of multimedia learning modules using cloud resources. Configuring high-speed computer networks to facilitate the electronic delivery of instruction is also part of his research efforts. Professor Ganesan’s research and development efforts have led to the publication of more than 25 articles in refereed journals, conference proceedings, and handbooks. He has also authored a number of student guides. Dr. Ganesan has held offices in professional bodies such as the Association of Information Technology Professionals and the Operational Research Society of Singapore. He has conducted a number of professional seminars in the areas of networking and application development for regional and international organizations.